Relief for Dentists Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

ADA Foundation Emergency Disaster Grants of up to $2,000 are available to any dentist who is a victim of a disaster, including Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent tropical storm, to help address immediate emergency personal needs such as food, bottled water, clothing, blankets, medicines and medical supplies, emergency shelter, toiletries, and similar. The only factor is whether the applicant is in need of emergency assistance as a result of a disaster. ADA membership is not a requirement for grant eligibility. 

As a reminder, the ADA Foundation offers support which may be helpful to dentists affected by the storm.  This support includes: 

• Disaster preparation and recovery information for dental practices, through ADA’s Center for Professional Success. 

• Two kinds of ADA Foundation emergency grants: 

1. Emergency Disaster Grants: Any dentist who is a victim of a disaster may apply to the ADA Foundation for a grant for their personal necessities. (ADA membership is not required.)

2. Emergency Disaster Grants for 501(c)(3) organizations providing dental care following a disaster.

More information is at this link:  ADA and ADAF Disaster Support.

Please contact Cathy Haibach of the ADA Foundation at 312-440-2544, or should you have any questions.