Alabama's Oral Health Advocate

2018 Legislative Action Campaign is Now Underway

It is likely that ALDA will face a number of legislative challenges during the coming four years. With your continued financial and political support, AL-D-PAC and ALDA will work in a complimentary fashion to defend and promote our patients' rights and serve as the chief spokesman in the public, political and legislative arenas for the goals of both the profession and your association.


Alabama Dental Political Action Committee

AL-D-PAC is a voluntary political action committee of Alabama dentists and others affiliated with organized dentistry. The purpose of AL-D-PAC is to promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating dentists and patients to take a more active part in governmental affairs, to understand the nature and actions of their government, and to organize themselves to more effectively carry out their civic responsibilities.

AL-D-PAC Directors

AL-D-PAC works in concert with the Alabama Dental Association to promote fee-for-service dentistry, the establishment and/or improvement of employee dental benefit plans, and patient rights in the delivery of dental care. Perhaps, most importantly, AL-D-PAC works with the legislature to ensure that any changes made in the Dental Practice Act are in the best interest of the profession and our patients. ALDA members enhance their political involvement by contributing to AL-D-PAC and ADPAC - the ADA's counterpart. The funds contributed when paying annual membership dues are used to support legislative candidates who will work on behalf of the dental health issues affecting Alabama citizens.

What is a PAC?

Political action committees allow like-minded citizens to contribute relatively small amounts of money to a common fund. The PAC then uses the fund to contribute to the campaigns of candidates they support. By pooling their resources, individual dentists have significant impact on the political process.

Why does ALDA need a PAC?

Government is a constant, sometimes intrusive presence in the dental office. Regulations increase operating costs. We need to tell our side of the story. We need lawmakers in Montgomery who understand dentistry and oral healthcare. AL-D-PAC is dentistry's best hope of electing those leaders.

Why should I join AL-D-PAC?

Dentistry's voice would not be as strong without the support of AL-D-PAC members. AL-D-PAC and ADPAC are a winning team, but only if you are a player. Dentistry needs you to do your fair share to maintain a strong presence in Montgomery and the nation's capitol. Every year, about 55% of ALDA's active members join AL-D-PAC. Their support is directly responsible for ALDA's outstanding record in Montgomery. Just think what we could accomplish with 100% participation. If every member does his/ her fair share, we will benefit.

If you would like to join AL-D-PAC, please email or call (334) 265-1684.

Who is the leadership and administrative support for AL-D-PAC?

AL-D-PAC is led by a Board of Directors that includes a Chairman and a Secretary/ Treasurer; representatives from each of ALDA's nine component District Dental Societies; a representative of ALDA's Council on the New Dentist; and the current chairman of ALDA's Council on Legislation. ALDA's President also serves as a non-voting (ex-officio) board member.

Administrative support is supplied by ALDA staff members based at the ALDA State Headquarters office in Montgomery.

Is AL-D-PAC really effective?

Very effective. Along with volunteer dentists and ALDA professional staff, AL-D-PAC is the chief component of organized dentistry's political strategy in Alabama.

Does AL-D-PAC and the ADA's ADPAC work together?

YES! We are a team working together to raise dentistry's profile in the Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress. State PACs, like AL-D-PAC, are the life support system for ADPAC. ADPAC relies on AL-D-PAC for information on the quality and effectiveness of Alabama candidates. AL-D-PAC, inturn, relies on ADPAC to identify fundraising opportunities that provide the financial backing for local candidates.